Trial version limitations and differences

Postby James » Thu Jan 03, 2013 2:13 pm

The trial version differs from the full version in two ways.

  1. Ads are displayed in the configuration screen.
    Please note that there are no Ads on the widget itself.

  2. Widget overlay text.
    For the first 14 days of use the trial version displays "Trial Version X days left" in small text under the main widget.

    After 14 days the widget will be covered in repeating text reading "Trial Expired!", but otherwise will still continue to function the same.

    I have done this deliberately so that people can continue to use the widget even if they don't have access to the Google store to upgrade, for example, if they are out of their home country.

The trial version is not limited in any way, although new updates are always applied to the full version first.
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